Milestones and Transactions

June 1992 Qantas purchased Australian Airlines (domestic carrier)
March 1993 British Airways purchased 25 per cent of Qantas
June 1995 Public Share Offer launched
July 1995 Privatisation of Qantas complete and shares listed on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX)
May 1998 Qantas increased its equity in Fiji Airways (formally Air Pacific) to 46 per cent
October 2001 $450 million share placement
November 2001 Qantas Group acquired Impulse Airlines (domestic carrier)
February 2002 Launch of Snap Fresh (catering facility)
September 2002 $720 million JUMBO rights issue and share purchase plan
October 2002 Launch of Australian Airlines (international carrier)
December 2003 Star Track Express acquired by a joint venture between Qantas and Australia Post
May 2004 Jetstar commenced operations in Australia
September 2004 British Airways sold its shareholding in Qantas
December 2004 Jetstar Asia, based in Singapore, commenced services
July 2006 Australian Airlines ceased operations (international carrier)
November 2006 Jetstar International commenced operations
September 2007 Qantas Frequent Flyer business segmented from Qantas Group
May 2008 Completed on market buy-back of 91 million shares for $506 million
July 2008 Qantas Holidays and Jetset Travelworld merged and formed the Jetset Travelworld Group with Qantas Group as a 58 per cent shareholder. The Jetset Travelworld Group is listed on the ASX
February 2009 $525 million capital raising and share purchase plan
April 2009 New ownership structure for Jetstar Asia and Valuair announced
June 2009 Jetstar replaced Qantas’ Jetconnect services in the New Zealand Domestic market
September 2010 Jetset Travelworld Group merged with Stella Travel Services. Qantas Group has a 29 per cent shareholding of Jetset Travelworld Limited
October 2010 Qantas Group investments in Australian air Express and Star Track Express transferred to AUX Investments in exchange for a 50 per cent shareholding in AUX Investments
February 2011 Qantas Group acquired 100 per cent of the Network Aviation Group
August 2011 Qantas Group acquired 100 per cent of Wishlist Holdings
April 2012 Qantas operated Australia’s first commercial flights powered by sustainable aviation fuel
July 2012 Jetstar Japan commenced operations
October 2012 Qantas Group acquired 100 per cent of Australian air Express and sold its 50 per cent stake in Star Track Express
March 2013 Qantas and Emirates partnership commenced
August 2013 Qantas Group announced the sale of its wholly owned subsidiary Qantas Defence Services to Northrop Grumman Australia
October 2013 Completed on market buy-back of 69 million shares for $100 million
February 2014 Relinquishment of Brisbane Domestic Terminal for $112 million announced
February 2015 Qantas Group acquired 51 per cent controlling stake of Taylor Fry
August 2015 Commercial agreement reached with Sydney Airport on Terminal 3 lease for cash proceeds of $535 million