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Investor Day 2023: Introduction

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30 May 2023

Investor Day 2023: Sustainability

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30 May 2023

Investor Day 2023: Fleet & Network

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30 May 2023

Investor Day 2023: People & Culture

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30 May 2023

Growing Qantas International Efficiently

Link, YouTube Video – Growing Qantas International Efficiently
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12 May 2015

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Narrator: At Qantas International, we’ve made a few changes. We’re uncovering ways to make our assets work harder to provide revenue growth opportunities with no additional fixed overheads and capital costs. We’re on track to deliver a 16% improvement in aircraft utilisation by 2015, which will give us an air-time fleet average that ranks among the highest in the world.

Graphic: Line graph showing improvement in aircraft utilisation from 2012 to 2015 and beyond. 5% improvement from 2012 to 2013, 6% improvement from 2013 to 2014, 5% improvement from 2014 to 2015. Unspecified improvement from 2015 to 2016.

Graphic: Airtime fleet average of 12% for A330s, 14% for A380s and 19% for B747s.

Narrator: We’ve been able to achieve this through adopting a dynamic approach to scheduling for greater flexibility during peak periods; through improving our turn-around time, getting our aircraft back in the air quicker, through maximising our natural ground time for routine maintenance and through investing in new infrastructure for greater flexibility in maintenance capabilities. With these new changes, we’ll be sending our fleet to more ports around the globe.

Graphic: Map of USA showing Los Angeles (B747 +4 per week), Dallas/Fort Worth (B747s greater than A380s) and Honolulu (+1 A330 per week).

Graphic: Map of Japan showing Haneda (B747 ex-SYD) and Narita (A330 ex-BNE).

Narrator: This means our customers will experience access to a better direct network, improved connectivity and the opportunity to experience something a little special. That’s more choices, more often, for more customers.

Graphic: Map showing connection between Australia, UAE and UK (Service retime through improved connectivity via Dubai Airport).

Graphic: Flag of Canada, additional seasonal flights during ski season. Flag of China, additional seasonal flights during Chinese New Year. USA, Japan, New Zealand and Chile flags shown.

Graphic: Qantas logo.

The Qantas Group

Link, YouTube Video – The Qantas Group
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12 May 2015

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Graphic: Qantas aircraft flying with introductory text, ‘A day in the life of Qantas Group’.

Time-lapse of an airport terminal with text, ‘We move over 160,000 passengers…’

Montage of numerous Qantas Group aircraft flying with text, ‘…on over 1000 passenger flights’.

Various pictures of food and produce with text, ‘We serve over 133,000 meals’.

Time-lapse of ground handling vehicle and worker with text, ‘We move over 73,000 pieces of luggage…’

Camera pans showing ground handling Qantas Freight operations with text, ‘… and over 4,000 shipments of freight’.

Time-lapse of a populated baggage carousel with text, ‘2,000 new members join our Frequent Flyer programs… and over 17,000 rewards are enjoyed’.

Time-lapse of mechanics working on a Qantas aircraft stationed in a hangar with text, ‘We spend over 4,200 hours maintaining our fleet… in over 30 ports around the world.’

Time-lapse of a Qantas aircraft parked at a gate with text, ‘And tomorrow we’ll do it again’.

Wide frame video of numerous Qantas aircraft at airport with Qantas Group logo as text on screen.

Qantas Domestic

Link, YouTube Video – Qantas Domestic
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12 May 2015

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Graphic: Various aircraft images with text, ‘Fasten your seatbelts… we’re about to take off’.

Video of Qantas aircraft taking off.

Text on screen, ‘making check-in easy’ followed by a compilation of short videos showing check-in processes.

Text on screen, ‘Everything you need on your mobile… check-in automatically via SMS… boarding pass… notifications’ paired with various images of Apple IPhones.

Text on screen, ‘Creating memorable, award-winning lounges’. Photos of newly renovated and refurbished Qantas lounges.

Text on screen, ‘Intuitively designed aircraft interiors’ with time-lapse of workers fitting out the interior of a Qantas aircraft.

Text on screen, ‘Authentic and personalised service’ with images of in-flight staff assisting customers in-flight meals.

Text on screen, ‘Delivering state-of-the-art inflight entertainment’ with screenshot showing functions of Qantas’ in-flight entertainment.

Text on screen, ‘use our iPads or yours’ with image on IPad as inflight entertainment.

Mobile phones revealing an archive of magazines and newspapers with text, ‘3,500 online magazines and newspapers worldwide’.

Image of Qantas App on IPhone with text on screen, ‘Qantas app’. Image of Qantas App on Apple Watch with text on screen ‘Apple Watch app’.

Text on screen ’10 new routes across Australia in the last 18 months’ with videos of different destinations around Australia.

Text on screen ‘Bringing you home’ with time lapse showing pilot’s view of aircraft landing.

Graphic of Qantas logo.

Jetstar in Japan

Link, YouTube Video – Jetstar in Japan
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12 May 2015

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Graphic: ‘Jetstar in Japan’.

Various videos showing different viewpoints of a Jetstar aircraft stationed in a hangar.

Map showing Asia Pacific region with numerous routes connecting main cities with text, ‘The leading LCC in Japan’.

Text on screen, ‘A brand adopted by Japanese’ followed by 4 screen split with Jetstar Japan commercials shown in Pie charts revealing the brand strength of Jetstar with 49.6% awareness compared to True Aussie Beef (60%), Ugg (25.2%) and Quicksilver (22.6%). Source: Forethoughts research Mar 2015 Australian Brand Awareness.

Videos of numerous promotional campaigns and photoshoots of cabin crew and aircraft.

Text on screen, ‘A leader in social media’ followed by image of mobile phone with text, connected with over 7,000,000 social media consumers”

Text on screen, ‘social media activations’ with videos of a range of Jetstar events and promotions

Text on screen, ‘Fasio x Jetstar cross-promotion’ with images of flight crew dancing in isle of aircraft.

Text on screen, ‘A leader in innovation’ with panning video of Jetstar B787 Dreamliner flying with text, ‘Next generation Dreamliner linking over 500,000 passengers between Australia and Japan’.

Map of Japan with text, ‘The first airline to sell tickets via ATMs… now selling airline tickets in 12,749 convenience stores across Japan’.

Montage of customers jumping.

Graphic of Jetstar logo with corresponding Japanese text.

Qantas Loyalty

Link, YouTube Video – Qantas Loyalty
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12 May 2015

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Graphic: Qantas Loyalty logo with caption, ‘A platform for Innovation and Growth’.

Camera panning across various landscapes around the world with the following images:

Graphic of 3 interlinking circles. The top circle labelled ‘Coalition Loyalty’ encompassing Frequent Flyer and Aquire logos. Circle on the left labelled ‘Core Innovations’ including Qantas Golf Club, Qantas Cash, Qantas epiQure, accumulate and Taylor Fry logos. Circle on the right, labelled ‘Break-out Growth’ encompassing the Red Planet logo.

Frequent Flyer logo with text, ’10 million members… hundreds of partners… thousands of ways to earn and use Qantas Points’.

Text on screen, ‘Continued growth through innovation is key’.

Image of person with golf and food and wine interests.  ‘Golf’ and ‘food and wine’ replaced with Qantas Golf Club and Qantas epiQure logos. Text on screen, ‘Building communities around members’ passions’.

Image of Qantas Cash card with text, ‘Meeting our Frequent Flyers’ travel needs with Qantas Cash’.

Image of Qantas Acquire logo with text, ‘In 2014 Qantas Loyalty launched a coalition program rewarding small to medium businesses’.

Text on screen, ‘Accumulate offers employee loyalty solutions and incentive programs’.

Image of Taylor Fry logo with text ‘In early 2015 Qantas Loyalty took a controlling stake in the leading analytics and actuarial consultancy’.

Red Planet logo with text ‘Offers businesses new digital and data opportunities’.

Red Planet logo with text on screen reading ‘media, analytics and research’.

Graphic of 3 interlinking circles from beginning of the video is repeated.

Graphic of Qantas Loyalty logo.

Celebrating 80 years of international flying

Link, YouTube Video – Celebrating 80 years of international flying
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12 May 2015

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Qantas logo and text ‘Celebrating 80 Years of International Flying’, ‘A look at key Qantas milestones from 80 year of International flying.’

Timeline of major events in Qantas’ history with short videos and picture to accompany text:

’17 April 1935 – First international passenger flight Brisbane – Singapore’. Video of plane taking off.

‘4 August 1938 – Inaugural Empire flying boat service from Rose Bay, Sydney – Singapore’. Video of plane flying in air and taking off in Sydney Harbour.

’10 July 1943 – Inaugural Double Sunrise Catalina flight Perth – Ceylon’. Video of plane flying over houses and in the sky.

‘1 December 1947 – First all-Qantas Kangaroo Route service Sydney-London by Constellation’. Video of engine from inside cabin, image of plane flying above clouds, image of plane landing at airport.

’15 May 1954 – First Qantas trans-Pacific service to USA, Sydney-San Francisco with Super Constellation’. Image of Super Constellation on ground, crew standing on stairs, aircraft flying.

‘2 July 1959 – Delivery of first Qantas Boeing 707 used in first trans-Pacific jet service and trans-Tasman jet service to New Zealand’. Video of plane being towed from hanger and flying.

’16 August 1971 – Delivery of first Qantas Boeing 747B jumbo jet’. Video of jet flying.

’18 August 1989 – Record breaking non-stop delivery flight by VH-OJA, London-Sydney’. Video of jet flying over clouds and landing at airport.

’19 September 2008 – Delivery of first Airbus A380 aircraft’. Time lapse video of plane being assembled in hanger.

’31 March 2013 – Qantas – Emirates partnership begins with Kangaroo Route service via Dubai’. Video of Emirate aircraft.

Graphic of Qantas logo and text ‘Celebrating 80 Years of International Flying’, ‘Eighty years later we’re celebrating an international network that services every continent, spanning a network of more than 250 destinations in over 60 countries’.