Foreign Ownership

Under the Qantas ConstitutionOpens in new window , the maximum aggregate level of relevant interest that foreign persons are permitted to hold in Qantas is 49%.

Listing Rule 3.19 requires that Qantas advise the market when the level of foreign relevant interest is more than 44%.

Qantas notes that, under its Constitution, foreign purchasers are required to notify Qantas, within 10 days of becoming registered, of their acquisition of a relevant interest in Qantas shares. A Foreign Ownership Notification FormOpens in new window must be completed and returned to the Qantas Share Registry .

It is the order of receipt of complete Foreign Ownership Notifications that determines the priority for entry, upon reconciliation to a registered shareholding, to the Qantas Foreign Sub-Register.

Qantas investigates foreign share purchases and, upon reconciliation of the relevant Foreign Ownership Notifications to a registered shareholding, enters the purchases on the Qantas Foreign Sub-Register. Should the level of foreign ownership on the Qantas Foreign Sub-Register exceed 49%, the Qantas Constitution contains provisions to notify those foreign shareholders. Should such a Notice be required to be sent, it results in the registered holder of the offending shares not being entitled to vote the shares at a meeting of shareholders and it may lead to the disposal of those shares.

The Qantas Group’s latest foreign ownership update was provided in the  2023 Half Year Results on the 23rd February 2023Opens in new window .